Twins Cora & Bethan | 4 Weeks Newborn Photography Session Melbourne

AGE: 4 Weeks
SESSION TYPE: Newborns of Melbourne

Cora and Bethan are little participants from our recent Newborns of Melbourne Book.


Beautiful Words from Mum and Dad: The arrival of our twin girls Cora and Bethan has been a true blessing. They are our little ‘munchkins’ – we have so much love for them. They came a little earlier than expected, but have been going from strength to strength growing everyday.

We found out we were having twins at the 12 week scan, it was a shock but very exciting. When it came to the names: Cora was a character from Downton Abbey, the mother, and was also the main female character in the movie The Last of the Mohicans. Both of these characters were strong women leaders. Bethan is a Welsh name and is named after my friend Bethan who is also a very intelligent and inspiring young woman.

Cora and Bethan don’t seem to be that interested in each other now, but I know that they will be the best of buds in the months and years to come.

“Newborns of Melbourne” Coffee Table Book – includes words written from our clients alongside your newborns name and DOB and one beautiful image.  We are currently photographing newborns for the 2019 book and proudly donating $50 from EVERY newborn Session to Stillbirth Foundation. To book your own newborn session and be involved  in our book please fill in the Newborns of Melbourne Form

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