AMELIE | 10 Days
SESSION TYPE: Newborns of Melbourne
little participants from our Newborns of Melbourne Book

She is our little bundle of love, she makes everyone feel special. Her older siblings want to hold her and kiss her all the time. They make funny faces for her to laugh. We love having naps together, and we are co-sleeping, it has been awesome. We also love our breastfeeding moments, it’s our special bonding time. She is supposed to be the last one, but I’m actually feeling sad at the idea, so I’m having second thoughts about it. She loves when I sing to her, and we have a couple of favourite songs, but they’re both in Spanish.

Newborn photography melbourne.Newborn being held by sibling smiling at camera.Newborn photography melbourneSiblings kissing newborn.Newborn with siblings. Newborn photography melbourneNewborn photography melbourneNewborn photography melbourneNewborn sleeping on arms.

Newborn Photography Melbourne – “Newborns of Melbourne” Coffee Table Book – includes words written from our clients alongside your newborns name and DOB and one beautiful image.  We are currently photographing newborns for the 2019 book and proudly donating $50 from EVERY newborn Session to Stillbirth Foundation. To book your own newborn session and be involved  in our book please fill in the Newborns of Melbourne Form

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