Clothing Guide

Light and Neutral Style:

This creates a beautiful light, fresh and contemporary feel. To capture this look please wear light toned clothing. If you prefer to wear lighter tones please wear neutral’s that compliment each other. If white is your preference please ensure that all participants are wearing white. Teamed with denim these colours will create fresh and contemporary black and white or colour portraits.

Colours: White, neutral’s, soft greys, creams, pastels, incorporate denim or latte coloured pants
Clothing Ideas: Dresses, skirts, t-shirts or a shirt/blouse teamed with denim, white or natural coloured pants.

Artistic Dark Style

This creates a very artistic and moody effect allowing the subjects to be the main focus of the portrait. To capture this look please wear dark toned clothing. If darker tones are your preference please dress as close to black as possible, it is important that all participants dress within these colours. Darker tones create rich classic black and white or colour portraits.

Colours: Black, dark denim, navy or dark grey.
Clothing Ideas: Dresses, skirts, t-shirts, jumper, shirts teamed with either denim or black pants.
Please Avoid: Busy patterns and Logos on men’s shirts

Outdoor Family Sessions

For family groups it works well if you keep your clothing simple and co-ordinating. If everyone is dressed fairly coordinated with each other, it helps to keep the focus on the people in the portrait rather than the clothing, all different loud colors can be distracting. You may decide to go for a coordinated look with everyone wearing All Black or All White or keep it more casual with everyone wearing denim teamed with neutral tones and introduce a little colour. OR If big bright colours are you thing go with that. The most important thing is that you are happy and comfortable with what you wear – so dress in a way that you will LOVE looking at when you look back at your photos.

Accessories: Accessories can look great in photos, you may want to include, hats, scarfs, umbrella’s, a picnic blanket, but keep accessories minimal so its not over the top. Try to avoid loud patterns and large logos.

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