1. Make Sure your Comfortable.

You have to be comfortable and dress in a way that you will LOVE looking at when you look back at your portraits!  If you normally love wearing Jeans and a beautiful warm jumper over a dress or skirt then you should wear your jeans. Being yourself is really important on how you will feel throughout the session. The same goes for your kids, if your little girl loves wearing dresses or skirts let them wear a dress. Just keep in mind its not summer so make sure you select a dress that will suit what everyone else is wearing.

2. Suitable Footwear

Please wear suitable shoes for the different uneven ground we may be shooting on, if we are heading into the forest or off the track you don’t want to be wearing high heels or uncomfortable strapy candles. Nice boots are a great option!

3. Select a colour palate for your family

It works really well if everyone is dressed fairly coordinated with each other. Keeping your clothing coordinated and simple helps to keep the focus on the people in the portrait rather than the clothing. You may decide to go for a very coordinated look with everyone wearing DENIM as a base teamed with neutral tones and introduce a little pop of colour. Great Autumn colour options are: Denim, neutrals, greys, mustards, burgundy or orange.

4. Consider the Weather and Environment

Although Autumn is a beautiful time of year and we can get warm afternoons, we can also experience very cold temperatures especially in the Macedon Ranges. Sometimes we may have a max temperature of 6 degrees for the day. Always consider the temperature when selecting what to wear, including what footwear you wear.

5. Embrace layers, textures and add a few Accessories

Keeping the weather in mind wearing a nice warm jacket or coat for your kids alongside beautiful warm accessories can really add depth and interest to your Autumn portraits. Think about incorporating a beautiful knitted beanie or scarf. Beautiful leather or suede boots are also a great option.

6. Accessories to consider

knitted hats, scarfs, umbrella’s, a picnic blanket, basket, warm boots or gumboots, maybe even your guitar. Remember to keep accessories minimal so its not over the top and feels natural.

7. Try to Avoid

Loud patterns are distracting
large sporting logos are distracting
Summer sandles or high heels are not a great idea.  
Everyone in too many different clashing colours isn’t great.

The most important thing is that everyone is comfortable and happy on the day to ensure everyone has a wonderful experience. Autumn sessions are fun for the whole family so with a little planning the more amazing your photos you look and you will be very excited to hang a masterpiece in your family home.

Hopefully this helps when planning your session. If you have any questions or would love to discuss further please give us a call.

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